A&L is a special partnership of two professional photographers-Alex & Lidia. With years in a fashion and commercial field, we've finally realized that capturing love and telling its story was the most amazing experience we've ever had. Like in a any other greatm team, we complement and motivate each other and deliver beautiful images to our clients.

We are young, eager, curious and creative, willing to push our limits to give you the ultimate experience. We specialize in the capturing the heartbeat of your wedding day, the love in your eyes, and telling the story behind what makes you uinique, all of that with beauty and style. With our love for nature and outdoors, we let the light do its magic. Simplicity and elegance shape our vision and make the images truly timeless.

Our goal is to help you visualize and tell wonderful story of your special day. We will be with you at every step of the way, helping create new looks, find amazing locations and style the photo shoot in a way that reflects the unique you, making your session easy and enjoyable.

At this moment we are located in Los Angeles (Alex) and Lidia (London) and capture all those beautiful moments all over the world. We partnered with experienced and fun associates that assist us a every photo session, making sure everything goes smoothly on your special day.